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Newskoop is a media content agency that collects and produces content for radio. We cover all international, national, provincial and community news. Content produced includes news, finance, and sport produced in both English and Afrikaans.

We pride ourselves on aiding radio by providing superior content, which is useful, innovative and attracts listeners
Managing Director

Wide area of resources

Based in various parts of the country, our enthusiastic journalists have access to a wide area of resources. We aim to collect content from the heart of the community and be of benefit to the community at large.

Perfectly crafted content

We gather content and audio from several resources and make the content readily available and in the correct formats.

Well Produced Radio Shows

Our daily recorded finance and sport reports don’t require someone to read the reports. Our news includes audio, creating attractive content to the listener. 

Daily shows to save your station time

We offer a full service from Monday to Friday, a half day Saturday service, and selected bulletins on a Sunday

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