Once upon a time there was an average lady called Miss Jones.

Miss Jones lived in an average neighbourhood next to a busy railway line, in an average house which had average neighbours. Every day, Miss Jones would wake up and have an average day, which was made up of an average breakfast, engaged in average eye contact with the grumpy neighbours, an average bus trip into work, work, a tea break, more work, then lunch, more work, another break…and eventually the average return trip back home on the average smelly bus.

When Miss Jones got home, she would water her average pot plant, cuddle her average cat, watch her average television show whilst knitting an average scarf to eventually be an average birthday present to mom. Miss Jones would then eat the average dinner, wash her average dishes, put her laundry in her average washing machine, then head off for an average bath before retiring to her average sized bed, to get her average eight hours night’s sleep.

After an average amount of time, Miss Jones felt she no longer wanted to be average. She decided to make serious life changes which started with the big bold step of moving to a new neighbourhood. Here she had a large amount of space to maintain a large garden and let her cat roam free. After passing her driver’s license, she bought the car of her dreams and ventured to scenic parts of the country.

Miss Jones resigned her job and opened a popular bakery where she passionately served her community with delicacies from all over the world. With butterfly’s in her tummy, Miss Jones would shyly greet her neighbour with a nervous smile while her cheeks blushed brightly red. Miss Jones built up the courage to invite him for a candlelit dinner and over time they fell deeply in love, got married, had children, travelled the world and lived happily ever after.

What we’ve discovered is that the world is way too average and mundane. We’ve noticed too much of the same old average thing, over-and-over again and as a team we’ve decided that enough-is-enough. We don’t want to be a Miss Jones.

That’s why we’ve taken the big bold step and moved in a different direction. We want to be the missing link between being average and being different. We want to boast a culture of being a solution with excitement, innovation and passion.

At Newskoop, you will find this group of people looking at all angles, digging deep and wide, to bring you newsworthy stories which will give you something to talk about, so that there is no longer a reason to have average conversations!

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