UN strongly condemns witchcraft-linked killings of ten children in Tanzania

A United Nations Resident Coordinator in Tanzania has said that they need to ensure a stronger protective environment and a raised awareness is driven over the killings of girls and boys in the country.

Strongly condemning the recent killing of ten children in the south of Njombe district, Álvaro Rodríguez said the UN was lending its full support to national and local authorities to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators connected to alledged witchcraft rituals.

The bodies of the missing children were found abandoned with missing body parts, which are “believed to be used in rituals” – practices which are deep-rooted among some communities in Tanzania, a nation of 57 million people, where some persons with Albinism have also been targeted for ritual killing and dismemberment.

Stella Vuzo from the UN Information Office in the capital Dar es Salaam says its important to highlight the importance of protecting children on their way to school.

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