Venezuela crisis could have been discussed a lot earlier says US’ Mike Pompeo

The top UN political official told the Security Council on Saturday that dialogue and cooperation were vital to ending the crisis in Venezuela, but during a contentious debate, Council members disagreed over the appropriate response to mass protests in the South American country and competing claims to the presidency.

The UN Under Secretary-General of Political and Peace-building Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo, urged the Security Council to help bring about a political solution that will allow the country’s citizens to enjoy peace, prosperity and all their human rights at an urgent meeting of the 15-member body on Saturday morning.

The meeting was requested late last week by United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in the wake of days of political unrest in Venezuela, marked by popular protests that erupted on Wednesday after the leader of the opposition legislature, Juan Guaidó, declared himself interim president and called for fresh elections, a direct challenge to President Nicolás Maduro, who had been sworn in to a second term in office just two weeks earlier.

Pompeo said that he this meeting is way overdue, after cries by his predecessor had fallen on deaf ears.

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